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Save money and fix up your engine

Engine repairs can be expensive, and the thought of it can be quite overwhelming if you don't have the money for them. Lucky for you, we have the tools needed to provide you a high-powered, functioning engine that can run smoothly.


Hummers Auto values quality production from a vehicle. We don't stop working until your automobile is working at top-peaking condition. Our affordable engine care services can provide you with excellent engine care and help get you back on the road quickly.

We specialize in major engine repairs

We have a knack for fixing engines. You can receive honest and dependable engine repairs when you call Hummers Auto for service.


You need someone who has a strong understanding of your vehicle and who will do an excellent job taking care of it. Our trusted professionals will get any engine service done promptly with the utmost respect for your automobile. Call now to schedule and we'll get started on service immediately.

Quality engine


• Fuel injection services

• Ignition repairs

• Timing belt replacement

• Cylinder block service

• Shock replacement

• Strut replacement

• Engine tune-ups

Turn off that pesky engine light by having your engine receive excellent repairs at Hummers Auto.

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