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Ettrick, WI

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We value the heart and soul of your vehicle

Without a functioning transmission or engine, your automobile can't drive. Period. The last thing you need is to have an faulty transmission and engine and be at a disadvantage; especially if you're in dire need of getting to work or completing your tasks for the day.


Hummers Auto's technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide quality transmission and engine repairs for your automobile. We understand that quality is important and want to ensure that you drive an operating vehicle with no hassles.

Catch the problems ahead of time

If your vehicle is shaking, engine light comes on, or need an important routine maintenance, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle in to Hammers Auto for service.


With more than over a decade's worth of experience, our mechanics can solve the nagging issues of your vehicle with no problems. You'll have your automobile taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Dependable services

• Heads and gaskets

• Clutch repair and replacement

• 4-wheel drive repairs

• Transmission overhauls

• Transmission rebuilds

• Transmission replacements

• Engine overhauls

• Engine rebuilds

• Engine replacements

Don't let your damaged transmission or engine deal you with frustration. Call us now to get it serviced!

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